Simple story. Short story. After high school I didn’t think I was fully man yet but then you know as a male you ought to do something, be something, become a man, provide, protect your family…

So after high school, I dropped CVs, and after much trial, I got my first job; a teacher. Now, what was I doing? I was only looking for a job nothing fancy. But in a very short time, I realized I didn’t want to teach in a school-class setting. Maybe I shunned it because the pay wasn’t that…

“It is possible that longing for something is better than actually having it. I have heard it said that satisfaction is the death of desire.” - Hank Moody

Kobbys Lens

Do you remember the very first time you got a camera (whether new or used) all that mattered was it was yours? How did you feel? I want you to remember this feeling (I really want you to). Do you still have this same camera now? Are you still using this same tool? How do you feel about it today? The feeling of happiness of one owning something he once desired evaporates…

Image by me.
  1. The latest equipment: Most novices in any creative field are so eager to land the latest equipment released year after year. Yes, the newer ones might have some advantages but if you’re not good enough to create the best, then the most expensive equipment still will do you no good. Hone your craft.
  2. Fame: When I speak of fame I speak in terms of the internet and social media. Many creators are thrown out because they were in a rush to have a million followers instead of making the best art possible. Stop wanting to be famous and start making…

The purpose of a man is why he was born. Let’s take the bicycle. Bicycles were made for transportation. Or even cars. That’s better. Let’s take cars. Cars were built by a manufacturer and the manufacturer is the only person who can tell the world what the purpose of the car is.

I’ve come to notice that for anything to function right that thing first have to be used in its purpose. By nature, man was made male and female and these two have very different characteristics. These characters shape us into becoming who we want to be.

A male…

Photo of Emmanuel Obuobi by me

An artist is a person who brings a thing to exist and in a previous episode I explained what qualifies a person as an artist.

If the artist is the person who creates, who then does he create for? Everything has a market or an audience and the artist’s work is no exception.

It is said that the artist should create for himself. Is this right? I think not — I believe the artist must not hoard his work but to share it.

Branding expert, Bernard Kelvin Clive makes it known that — the artist who creates based on the…

Do you believe that creativity has been stolen from us, the one gift man was born with. Society has been shaped/built in such a way that it seems almost impossible to pursue a creative thing and make an income from it. Rather, they say to us — no, that’s play, pursue a more lucrative job and you will become a success.

It is famously shared that Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Success for most of us has been defined for us by our parents, by…

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Yes, you got it right, that was an accident. You fell. Let me share with you a story of a friend who fell in love.

Clement Eastwood — 2 in 1

Joshua fell in love with a beautiful girl in the region of the North. He lived in Accra. His love for her was undeniable. He used to talk about this lady every day and every chance he got, he texted/called her. They could speak for hours on the phone.

He dedicated his time to this lady. He one time told us how he would marry…

We grew up basically on stories. Without stories, it’s going to be difficult to communicate anything. Stories make people want to sit down to listen. Children love stories, adults love stories too. The right story when shared will skyrocket the career of the photographer or artist, not only that but will also help him or her connect with an audience.

Kweku Ananse

Stories sell themselves especially when they are relatable and true. Stories will keep winning when it comes to brand identification.

It was 2009 when two nerds David and Neil; college went on a trip. On the trip, one of them…

Charles Bukowski

Passion has been and will always be a key if not THE key element to creativity. What is passion? It is willing to suffer for the very thing you love, even if it means losing your life.

You see that in the life of very passionate people.

Charles Bukowski. A drunk, a womanizer, a chronic gambler, a deadbeat but he lived for one thing; his writings.

He never stopped writing.

When Charles Bukowski was 50, a small publishing house reached out to him. The editor of the house couldn’t offer Bukowski much money but he had a weird affection for…

Normalize being a little crazy for what you believe in. Maxime Lagacé

It’s quite amazing how the world talks about strength but we still find weak people. The world preaches about hitting the gym, eating healthy and even makes noise about how the world is being ruled by the strong.

As a Ghanaian kid, I have come to notice how our education system does not zoom in on our strengths. Studying ten subjects in Junior High School and eight or seven in Senior High School with the expectation for students to be great at all subjects. This makes us generalists…

Clement Eastwood

Christian | Creator (Photographer | Writer | Podcaster)

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